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Commercial Services

Tallahassee Helicopters offers a wide range of commercial helicopter services for our customers in North Florida, South Georgia, and South-East Alabama. Our commercial services include but are not limited to aerial photography, surveying, powerline/pipeline patrol, real estate, news gathering, wildlife spotting, search and rescue, special events, etc. No matter what your needs are, our experienced pilots will ensure you get the most professional results possible.

The following sections detail a couple of our services ...

Aerial Photography

In today's competitive market, presentation and customer service are everything. When offering a residential or commercial property, or advertising your business, capturing the perfect image in either a brochure or web based format can have a huge impact on your initial customer contact.

Photo taken by James Blakeway from our helicopter on 11/08/2008. Posters can be purchased at Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas.

Our pilots have experience working with still and video photographers on a variety of business and personal projects. Whether you need to have aerial photographs of a commercial or industrial development, or need photography services for legal, real estate, construction, news, engineering and marketing professionals, or just want to capture aerial photos of the local scenery, Tallahassee Helicopters can get you the shots you need in a cost effective and professional manner. Our 4-place R44 helicopter takes us quickly to the desired location and provides an excellent and stable platform for aerial observation. Our R44 is safe, reliable and more versatile than airplanes. The helicopter offers unparalleled low level and slow-speed maneuvering for the perfect shot and the helicopter's unique capabilities allow unrivalled access and visibility for all aerial photography tasks.

We can deliver vertical (photos taken straight down perpendicular to the ground) and oblique (photos taken at a angle enabling the photographer to show different perspectives of a site, as well as revealing proximity to other areas of interest) coverage in both digital and film formats. We employ the best professional grade photographic cameras and lenses to capture sharp vibrant aerial photographic images.

In addition to providing support for companies and individuals requiring a single flight, we also offer progress photography services shooting sites monthly, alternately or quarterly, through the construction/development phase. Most progress photography images are captured digitally enabling us to provide quick turnaround of the finished product, whether it be color prints and/or CD's. Any requested imprinting on the digital images is provided at no charge. We can also email small, low-resolution images for immediate use.

The costs for aerial coverage are variable, dependent on project length and specific needs of the client. Give us a call for pricing and an opportunity to provide you with a competitive edge that will make sales!

Special Events

Corporate, Promotional or Helicopter Ride Events

Offering helicopter rides at your next event, festival, civic gathering, or community celebration can be the key to drawing new and increasing crowds and participation for your cause or event. Helicopters tours and helicopters themselves are unique and intriguing attractions that will increase traffic flow, interest, excitement, and potentially provide fundraising opportunities for your group, non-profit organization, or charitable pursuit. Guests will never forget the opportunity you gave them to experience the thrills and lasting memories of a scenic helicopter tour. We can even build curiosity and interest at your event with the mere presence of our helicopter on display or a dramatic helicopter fly-in appearance by an honored guest.

Stimulate achievements and accomplishments throughout your organization with our helicopter tour gift certificates, incentives, and bonuses of helicopter tours or our other helicopter flight services and experiences.

Plan a helicopter "drop in" surprise, special delivery, grand entry or unexpected helicopter fly-in appearance of company executive, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, or your special guest at your next group event.

Show your clients and valued customers the "complete picture" of your business, operation, or community resources from the bird's eye perspective of our helicopters. Keep in mind that helicopters also have the unique advantage of being able to land at many off-airport locations including your home, office complex, construction site, farm, golf course, parking areas, docks or any other practical and safe location available to you. So use your imagination to best employ our helicopters, to maximize your time, and to open new business opportunities.

Weddings, Proposals/Engagements, Anniversaries, Birthdays ...

Would you like to make that special event even more memorable and unforgettable? Propose to that special someone while flying in our helicopter, or fly our helicopter over your ground-based message with a view that can't be missed. Have your limousine drop you and your new spouse off at a temporary off-airport helicopter landing zone and start your life together with an unforgettable helicopter tour or unique helicopter excursion to that special photo spot, or eliminate the ground transportation and let our helicopter pick you up in the church parking lot and whisk you away to your next event together and in style.

Create unforgettable memories of your adventure helicopter tour for your anniversary, birthday, or other special event. Give the ultimate gift of helicopter flight with one of our gift certificates for a unique helicopter tour experience for that special someone.

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