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Thanks for the flight - we had a blast, and I'm already thinking about my next trip. That was my favorite 40 minutes of the year by far. A trip with Tallahassee Helicopters should be on everyone's bucket list. The only thing better than visiting a favorite spot like Wakulla Springs or St. Theresa is letting Tallahassee Helicopters get you there in style. Thomas and Tamp know their business, but more importantly, they love their business, and it shows. For first-rate service from first-rate folks, take a flight with Tallahassee Helicopters - you'll be glad you did.

Tom Range
Tallahassee, FL

My training at Tallahassee Helicopters is an awesome experience! It's very exciting learning to fly a helicopter and I am so glad Tallahassee finally got a Helicopter training center. I would recommend Tallahassee Helicopters to anyone that was interested in a career as a helicopter pilot or just want to fly for fun around Tallahassee. Thank you Thomas for the wonderful experience I get every time I come to fly.

Christophe Réglat
President/CEO, Coaxis International

We had a great flight, got everything we needed, client is as happy as a kitten. Chopper has good range of shooting angles with the doors off, wind while inside the cabin on this bird is a non-issue, and, when you really have to lean way out and get the lens 'way on out there' the wind buffeting is very low. (almost weirdly so!) Our pilot was great to deal with, totally pro, smooth, intuitive and has a great understanding of how to set a photographer up for the killer shots. You guys rock!

John (JD) Daniel
Producer/Photog/Animator - The Public Eye // Panama City, FL

The helicopter tour was incredible! My wife and son had never been in one before. It was an amazing ride. We went over our house, the FSU stadium, and flew downtown below the skyline. We could see so much up close. We were so close you could see the excited expressions on people's faces. The pilot was friendly, professional, and informative. The service was convenient with little notice needed to book a flight, and there were plenty of tour options. Thank you for such an awesome and unique experience!

Matthew Presnell
Tallahassee, FL

I'd like to thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to fly and giving me a one-on-one experience that I'll never forget. After the introductory flight, I've realized how amazing and exceptional it is to actually fly and operate a helicopter. It's only fueled my determination in getting started with you guys as soon as possible. I am eager learn how to become a well-trained helicopter pilot and would recommend you guys to anyone interested in learning to fly either a fixed-wing or a helicopter. I'm looking forward to starting classes this summer. You'll be hearing from me very soon. Thanks again.

Alex St.Marie
Tallahassee, FL

Thomas, Infrared night flying at 500 feet requires very precise flying. Your pilot Tamp has those skills and is one of the top three pilots that I have flown with in the past 6 years doing this work. He does not over control and is accurate on putting the helicopter exactly where I needed. Furthermore, we were flying until about 2:30 AM and he was consistently perfect in his flying even after his long day flying earlier. Tamp flew under stress and near fatigue with great skill. Keep him so that I can fly with him again! Thank you both,

Roger S.

Flying over Tallahassee with Tallahassee Helicopters is one of the most amazing opportunities available in our town. Seeing Doak Campbell stadium from above and flying around the beautiful skyline was incredible. The views from beginning to end were simply breathtaking!

Casey Chapman
Tallahassee, FL

My friends, Mariano and Leon Rodriguez, and I had a wonderful flight with Tallahassee-Helicopters. Over the years, I've flown in and out of Tallahassee Regional Airport in commercial and small private fixed-wing aircraft dozens of times. I thought I knew the skyline well. Nothing compares to being in a small helicopter and flying at under 500 feet over Lake Bradford, the two universities, and downtown Tallahassee. A truly great experience.

Jerry Torano
Tallahassee, FL

As a surprise Christmas present, my wife gave me a gift certificate for the Stadium Tour Package offered by Tallahassee Helicopters. Let me assure you, it was a gift I will never forget. The staff at Tallahassee Helicopters exhibited professionalism and competence while maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. The flight itself was an amazing experience, trust me, you have never really seen Doak Campbell Stadium until you have flown over it in a light helicopter. I look forward to future helicopter tours and I will certainly recommend Tallahassee Helicopters to anyone else wishing to enjoy a great flying experience.

Lemuel Toro
Tallahassee, FL

My Introductory Flight Lesson at Tallahassee Helicopters was a great experience that I am extremely glad I decided to participate in. The lesson started off in the classroom with basic safety instructions and a description of the helicopter's flight controls. Next, my flight instructor went over a few in-flight scenarios and how to respond correctly when at the controls of the helicopter. After the ground lesson, we headed out to the flight line. The instructor again took time to explain the workings of the helicopter in detail. He gave me a tour of the outside of the aircraft and then an overview of the workings of the engine and transmission. I then assumed my position in the front right seat of the helicopter, where my instructor and I went over the pre-flight checklist line by line in preparation for lift off. Soon after my instructor got us safely off the ground, I was given a chance to take the controls. It's an amazing feeling to be at the controls of a helicopter, and my instructor guided me step by step as we flew over the city of Tallahassee. I was able to control the aircraft for the majority of the flight, before handing it back over to the instructor for a safe and smooth landing. I couldn't be happier with my Introductory Flight Lesson from Tallahassee Helicopters. It was a great learning experience that made me feel comfortable and safe in the helicopter from the moment we lifted off. I would recommend the Introductory Flight Lesson to anyone who has interest in helicopters and would like to experience the feeling of actually taking the controls of one. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to begin pursuing my private pilot's license. Tallahassee Helicopters is a top notch establishment that I would be proud to recommend to anyone.

Dustin Williams
1st Lt, USAF - Unit Admissions Officer - AFROTC Det 145, FSU

My recent helicopter sightseeing tour over Tallahassee was an amazing event that I would recommend to anyone looking for a unique experience in Tallahassee. The ride felt smooth and safe the entire time and our pilot was outstanding. We took off from the Tallahassee airport and made a circle around FSU's campus and then another around downtown and the capitol building. The ride gave me a whole new perspective of the city of Tallahassee. This ride with Tallahassee Helicopters was affordable and allowed me to take some great photos as well as make some great memories!

Tallahassee, FL

I can't tell you how much fun my wife and I had seeing Tallahassee from a whole new perspective the other day... from 300 feet up! I really had been trying to think of something special to do for our 37th Anniversary and when I heard one of your commercials I thought, why not! I wasn't sure how much my wife would appreciate it though until I heard her say 'this is so cool' while we were flying over our house. Chase, our pilot couldn't have been more accommodating or focused on making our trip enjoyable! Since our flight we've mentioned it to countless friends and shared our pictures and I do believe you will have more a lot more passengers just based on the reactions we've gotten! Thanks again for helping to make our Anniversary so memorable!

Jim Park
President/CEO, Credit Union 24, Inc. - Tallahassee, FL

I just wanted to thank you for a terrific experience! I thoroughly enjoyed my flight in the R44 Helicopter. Chase, my instructor was very through and professional but kept it fun too! The only bad thing is now ... I'm hooked! I will be back for my next lesson soon! Thanks again!

Doug Bailey
Tallahassee, Fl

Riding in a helicopter was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience! Traveling over Tallahassee by air allows you to see the beauty of this town in ways that you wouldn't be able to do while your feet are planted on the ground. The pictures you are able to take become some of your most cherished. I would totally recommend Tallahassee Helicopters for everyone who wants to go on a new sightseeing adventure!

Chelsey Baker
Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee Helicopters made it really easy for me to get in the cockpit of a helicopter. The instructor's obvious extensive knowledge made me feel very at ease. Tallahassee Helicopters made taking the controls for the first time a fun and unforgettable experience

Joel Schrank
Gainesville, FL

We took our 3 year old daughter on a helicopter ride for her 4th birthday. Before the flight, Thomas explained how helicopters work, and told her the story of the day he fell in love with helicopters. He also gave her a toy helicopter to take along for the ride. She got to sit up front with him to get the best view, while mom and dad sat in the back. We flew over Lake Jackson, downtown Tallahassee, and the FSU stadium. On our way back to the airport, Thomas took us down closer to Lake Bradford so we could get a better look at the water. It seemed like we were close enough to touch the water! All 3 of us had a great time, and hope to do it again one day soon!

David, Jami and Avery
Tallahassee, FL

Weeks prior to Valentine's Day I searched the web for interesting and unique things I could do for Valentine's Day. While researching I came across many wonderful ideas, but only one stood out the most. I saw that a couple had gone on a helicopter tour and they said it was nothing far from amazing. So I typed into the Google search bar 'Helicopter Tours in Tallahassee', and I came across Tallahassee Helicopters, LLC. So a long story short I waited for the days to pass in anticipation of our tour to what I was sure was going to be a good time. The trip was far from good it was great. I really enjoyed being up in the sky seeing the beautiful city of Tallahassee, looking at all of the gauges in the cockpit doing what they were doing, listening to the communications from Air Traffic Control and lastly/most important LANDING back on solid ground. I do not think I can say it enough the trip was amazing, and if the opportunity presented itself again I would not hesitate to go back up in the helicopter with Pilot Diefenbach.

Ronald Hooks & Jessica Green
Tallahassee, FL

We had a great time. Tallahassee Helicopters made it an adventure. I took a buddy of mine as part of his bachelor party, and it definitely tops the list of things to do in Tallahassee. It was definitely like no other experience ever before

Tallahassee, FL

Thank you so much for sending the photos you took. They were amazing! - I learned about your service through the internet. I was searching for cool valentines day ideas and came across your site. In a town like Tallahassee, that maybe does not yet have some of the attractions of other metropolitan areas, it was refreshing to find something totally extraordinary AND affordable. The idea of riding in a helicopter seemed so different and unique that my first thought was how complex the process was going to be. Speaking with you on the phone was just the first of a couple of very simple steps we took before going on the ride. The Helicopter was modern if not new, the ride was exhilarating, the sights were beautiful, and most importantly, Valerie, my fiancé, had an amazing and memorable time. You should hear her talking to her friends and colleagues about what she did on Valentines day! - Thanks for the wonderful ride!

Julio D. Hernandez
Tallahassee, FL

My lady friend and I had a wonderful time seeing Tallahassee from the birds' eye view. The helicopter ride was very smooth and enjoyable. It's an experience that I would definitely do again.

Vince Walton
Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee Helicopters gave my special someone and I a Valentines Day we won't soon forget. From take-off to landing we were on the edges of our seats with excitement. The view of the city at sunset is phenominal especially from the air. Thank you, Tallahassee Helicopters, for a priceless memory!

Kiel Sims
Tallahassee, FL

Thank you soooo much Dr. Thomas. All I can think about is that flight Saturday. I want to do it again real soon. I will make sure everyone I come in contact with knows that helicopters are amazing aircraft and that you and your staff do a wonderful job. Thank you so much again and I will come see ya soon.

Brian Bennett
Thomasville, GA

I have had one of the most remarkable encounters of my life thanks to Tallahassee Helicopters. We were provided with a private helicopter tour for two over the city of Tallahassee. This was the perfect way to enhance a very special occassion. The pilot was extremely courteous and a pleasure to ride with. I look forward to soaring to new heights again and taking advantage of all the services they have to offer. I would definitely recommend Tallahassee Helicopters to anyone looking for an amazing experience on a whole new level!

Shena Thompkins
Tallahassee, FL

Thank you for the wonderful flight on V-Day. My fiancé loved it! It was the best ten minutes of her life. We hope to do it again in the future. I had a great time also! Thomas was an excellent host. He deserves all the praise. We will let people know about the excellent service we received on this day. Thanks again! In my highest reguards,

Tyrone Davis
Tallahassee, FL

I would like to thank you and your organization, Tallahassee Helicopter. LLC for a phenomenal experience. Jessica and I truly enjoyed flying with you, and I have already began telling many of my friends about this opportunity. Give me a few days to draft up a testomial worthy enough to grace the pages of your website. Once again many thanks for the tour. Please look out for my testimonial before the end of the week.

Ronald Hooks
Tallahassee, FL

Thank you for the wonderful adventure you created for our son and his family. We gave this to him as a gift to create memories with his children. We highly recommend Tallahassee Helicopters to anyone. The pilot and staff were very thorough and extremely cordial. Great gift idea!

J. J.
Tallahassee, FL

Hi Thomas - Thanks so much for sending the pictures. You and the Nikon D70 did a beautiful job! I also want to tell you how much I enjoyed my introductory flight lesson. Hugh kept the classroom portion very interesting without getting too far over my head. The preflight check procedure you have is very thorough and it shows in the brand new condition of the helicopter how well maintained it is. The actual flight was great! Hugh is a good pilot and I felt completely safe (I'm not sure he would say he felt all that comfortable when I was at the helm.). It was a wonderful experience and I would certainly recommend that anyone thinking about flying lessons, a charter, or a tour should definitely go to Tallahassee Helicopters. Thanks again for the great day and the pictures.

Bill Nelson
Lamont, FL

For Valentines I wanted to take my wife on a helicopter flight. It was our first time on a helicopter, but Dr. Thomas, the pilot, made us feel comfortable and the flight was GREAT! I highly recommend this to everyone and I plan on taking another flight in the near future.

Eric S.
Tallahassee, FL

I found the intro flight very informative and enjoyable, the instructor was able to teach a lot in a small amount of time and give a good intro to the fundamentals of helicopter flight, the procedures involved in flying and lastly the amazing feeling of flying. Cheers for the handbook, I'll have a good look at it. I will let you know as soon as I am able to get some time to come back and do some more training, it will hopefully be in the new year at some stage. As for a testimonial I am happy for you to quote me.

Jamie Howden, Naval Architect
Mobile, AL

I took my wife on a helicopter tour with the guys from Tallahassee Helicopters as an anniversary surprise. We had a great time and the staff at Tallahassee Helicopters was amazing. They are extremely knowledgeable and will customize the tour to your needs. Our pilot, Thomas Diefenbach, asked us if there were any landmarks we wanted to see and took us to those areas where we were able to take some incredible photographs. I would definitely recommend a helicopter tour to anyone looking for a unique gift, for a special occasion, or just to experience helicopter flight. Thanks, Thomas, for a memorable experience!

Jason Harris
Tallahassee, FL

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